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Billedet på sidehoved

Holbergskolen i Dianalund

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Kontor: man-tors 7.00-15.30, fre 7.00-15.00


A little about Holbergskolen

Dear Guests,

Holbergskolen is located in Dianalund, in the municipality of Soroe in West Zealand – approximately 1 hour from Copenhagen. The school has approximately 550 students from 6 - 16 years of age. The students come from the local area, and cover a wide range of academic levels as well as social levels.

Sorø municipality has introduced iPads for all students which has given the students great opportunities to work with their learning in new and motivational ways.

The physical settings at Holbergskolen are generally good. The school is divided into 3 departments, SFO (after school activity) and youth club. I.e. group rooms and common rooms in each department of the school, well-appointed and functional special subject rooms. There are large green areas connected with the school and a large playground for the youngest.     

At Holbergskolen we value high professional standards in creative development and learning. The learning environment is varied and stimulate all the children's intelligences and skills. The learning environment varies between specific subjects, cross curricular and project-oriented teaching. Each child thus develops awareness, imagination and a desire to learn throughout their school time. We make a point of recognizing the individual children so that the children's self-esteem is strengthened. There are clear limits and values, which helps to give the children a safe and secure everyday life.

Holbergskolen has many traditions and value being together. Yearly theater performances, concerts, seminars, etc. are arranged for all students at the school.

Holbergskolen has a tradition of positive and mutually binding cooperation between home and school.


Kind Regards,


Bettina (teacher, International Coordinator)
p.p. Holbergskolen

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